Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Care Guide



Avoid direct sunlight and prevent using massage oils or lotions before or during practice as this can leave marks however these will fade over time.  

Do not use chemical cleaning products or sprays.

Use a small drop of dish soap or lemon juice diluted with plenty of water and use a cloth or non-abrasive sponge to wipe down your yoga mat. 

It is not suitable for machine washing and a gentle hand clean is best. We recommend cleaning the mat every 5-10 sessions particularly if it hasn't been a sweaty practice try not to clean after every session as this will help maintain the natural properties of your yoga mat. 

Hang out to dry and store in a cool dry place. When rolling up your yoga mat make sure to roll with the top surface facing up to avoid creasing of the edges and it will then roll out flat for your next practice. 


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