About us

Welcome to Yogaflo, mindfully made to inspire a deeper connection in your yoga practice with designs to encourage exploration, fluidity, creativity and for you to find your own flow.

Nourishing the soul with a little helping hand from your yoga mat. Designed by a yoga teacher and tested by yogis to ensure our yoga mats can support you in any yoga class including hot yoga. Everything we do at Yogaflo has been carefully considered to make sure it is safe for the environment to protect our earth and safe for your body. We work closely with our manufacturer in order to ensure sustainability is monitored. 


  A note from Yogaflo Founder...


 "After many years of practicing yoga I decided to become a yoga teacher, during my teacher training it was there for the first time I realised the beauty in doing what’s right my body that day. I’m very used to playing by the rules making sure my yoga postures where the best they could be, following instructions to the point of exhaustion and desperation to please and prove myself. And it was here for the first time a teacher inspired me to let go of what think I should look like and practice like. Find the fluidity in each movement and own it, its your practice no one else's. I want everything we do here at Yogaflo to encourage you to do the same in the hope you discover that freeing feeling when you find your own flow."


Love & light,